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Contract Management

With companies investing in far more contract oversight, specialist contract managers are becoming a necessity for your most important projects.

With an oversight including the risk associated with all of the projects, P&L and sales opportunities everyone from management to the account team will be better positioned to handle your most important accounts.

We manage all aspects of contracting, including solicitation, creation, negotiation, administration, and maintenance.

There is nothing worse than having risks arise with little or no foresight. By seeing risk coming you can do something about it before it becomes a problem.

Contract managers also have an excellent relationship with customers and can be a fantastic source of new business or growth in business in an account. By keeping a close eye on what is happening in the account the contract manager can work closely with the Account Manager to build new business.

We will fit it with your technology and tools. If you don’t have a system we will develop a simple system for you that links in with the Accounting and Legal systems you use.

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