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If you want to win business with your target audience you need to have a focused, persuasive pursuit of your opportunities. We can bring you services such as capture planning, bid management and training to produce compelling and relevant communications to your key customers

Once you have won the bid we can help with negotiation and contract management so that you have a relationship with your customer that you can deliver on.

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Our Founder - Amy Lees

​ Amy has five years of FinTech Business Management, 11 years of Bid Management, six years of Account Management experience, a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and a Masters in Commercial Law. She is able to achieve success in the by interpreting business issues and objectives and helping to create meaningful outcomes that are good for both parties. With a thorough understanding of the buying process, a detailed knowledge of the negotiation process and the ability to develop outcomes that focus on solving problems, she is able to provide value throughout the lifecycle of an engagement.  She has demonstrated her skill in business management, commercial selling and bid management in Defence, construction, shipping, technology and professional services. Having headed sales enablement for BT she has developed a strong understanding of what it takes to help organisation be successful. Amy has the ability to communicate and work with a broad range of people. She enjoys a challenge and is goal oriented which contributes to her high level of motivation and level of commitment to achieving success in every project she is involved with.

Previous Capture Customer - Australia

"Amy has driven best practice in sales discipline, qualification, and account planning - among other things - which has resulted in a significant improvement to our win-rate.”
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